my favorite sacramento boutique…

this shop makes me so happy. led zeppelin quietly beckons in the background as you peruse highly favorable, carefully–merchandised men & women’s clothes & accessories. no more said. if you’re in sacramento…go. here’s what i found at shop cuffs this time:

brazillian leather!!! perfect condition!! only $14!! avid thrifters know that california has the best vintage/thrift stores in the entire u.s of america, & shop cuffs is definitely one of them.

my fave boutiques in madrid

nac, located in the cosmopolitan & stylish chueca neighborhood of madrid. high-end labels, impeccable merchandising…& free coffee (if you intend on purchasing, of course).

i loved the lower level of this boutique–it reminded me of an ancient taverna.

it was very hard to walk away from these shoes.

la intrusa showroom in tribunal has incredibly unique blouses, girly dresses, & fabulous handmade jewelry from local artists in madrid. i wanted anything & everything. located right next to the tribunal metro stop, this was my favorite boutique in all madrid. the whole experience was refreshing & highly influential.

winter is here! bundle up in style…

winter has officially reached minneapolis…& by officially i mean the shoveling of snow has begun. here are some photos that will inspire you to bundle up in style…
i need those shoes!!! plus i’m all about the infinity scarves…
alexander wang knows how to keep us women warm this winter…
i love how she mixed sweats with fur & made it work…

recent purchase…

no.6 boots. i have been salivating over these for years. alas, i cannot afford the $370 price tag. luckily, i just discovered that steve madden makes something similar! wheee!

behold! my new steve madden olaafs. i walked all over chicago in these & not one single woof from my doggies! they run around $140 or so, but i just googled ‘cheap steve madden olaafs’ & found them just a little over $100–god i love internet shopping…