que tal, checua?

pez. one of my faves. it reminds me of penelope’s in chicago, but with a certain sophistication that only europe can emanate…

each piece is unique & very well made. labels include vanesa lorenzo & masscob. downstairs they sell home goods so beautiful & rustic that you may feel compelled to move to a spanish farmhouse owned by wealthy, wine-making artists…i know i did.

this foxy boutique had glitz, glam, french designers, & killer sales. labels included eyedoll, ella luna, supertrash, & ambre babzoe

when i walked into do design, i didn’t want to leave. the boutique is so aesthetically pleasing that you may want to move in…

chueca also had a nice handful of vernal, feminine boutiques at a lower price point–this particular one smelled like a vanilla cupcake!

need a pick-me-up while perusing the posh places chueca has to offer? stop by mama framboise, arguably the best pasteleria in all of spain…

husband & i shared a chocolate eclair & caramel cake–& washed each blissful bite down with their heavenly espresso