product review: peter thomas roth anti-aging cleansing gel

product: peter thomas roth anti-aging cleansing gel $35
uses: this facial cleanser promises brightened, clarified, & younger-looking skin. with ingredients such has glycolic & salicylic acids, various fruit extracts, & the amino acid arginine, this product assures detoxified pores, better skin texture, & faded fine lines.
verdict: the ingredient list & the endless positive reviews from users had me sold. but after each use, i started to wonder if some kind of conspiracy was going on, for i just couldn’t find anything positive about this product! right after i rinsed my face after cleansing, my skin felt dry & tight–so much so that i began to skip my retinol portion of my nighttime regime & go straight to my face oil. when i started to get flaky skin & dry patches i knew that my face oil wasn’t enough. in the morning i added a face cream after an oil in hopes of getting my skin back to normal, but alas, my tinted moisturizer & loose powder foundation managed to cling to every flake–the added layer of moisture from the cream did nothing. i stopped using the product for a while & my skin went back to normal…but then i had a crazy notion that if i tried the cleanser again things would be different the second time around (the great reviews! the amazing ingredients! the price!). lets just say after resorting to slathering my chapstick all over my face during work to avoid looking like a flaky freak, i will not be purchasing this product again. 1 out of 5

here come the holidays…

the franklin flea market in philly is the perfect place to do your holiday shopping…

not only does it have marvelous vintage finds, but many vendors are local artisans selling their art, jewelry & other handmade goodies…

IMG_0436.JPG IMG_0438.JPG

one of my favorite booths is hoof & antler. they’re an online vintage boutique based in philly of arguably the best vintage clothing & decor you’ll find on the east coast. while they don’t have a store front (yet), they have a faithful booth at franklin flea. also, ronnie, one of the owners, is an absolute joy to talk to! (& bargain with)

the franklin flea vintage holiday market is way more fun than fist-fighting frantic shoppers at a mobbed mall…& some vendors allow you to bargain!

product review: omorovicza refining facial polisher

product: omorovicza refining facial polisher $95
uses: this face wash does more than just exfoliate. it promises to regenerate skin cells & restore dull skin–leading to reduced wrinkles & brighter skin tone
verdict: i was lucky enough to get this as one of my samples after ordering from sephora online (i love the choice of 3 samples you get!!)–otherwise, i wouldn’t even give this product a glance due to its price tag. well, breaking the bank might be in order. this product is incredible. yes, it is a neon teal color, but the marine micro-algae worked wonders on my skin…it looked absolutely alive & refreshed after one use! i also noticed that my face felt squeaky clean–all remnants of make-up, air pollution, & other impurities were wisked away by ‘lava powder’ & ‘tropical fruit extracts’ 5 out of 5

seattle shops…

it was such a pleasure to meet keith & his pet pup ginger, the owner(s) of bon voyage. this hip thrift store in pioneer square was replete with exiting finds at proper prices. kurt cobain would’ve been elated by the economical grunge…

baby & company on the corner of 1st & virginia downtown seattle stands out like a sore thumb–a very stylish & sharp sore thumb, i might add. this clothing store has to be the best boutique in the area. the buyers, jill & wayne donnelly, are definitely on point, & even though the clothing, shoes, & accessories are quite upscale (some designers include verba, pence, & giorgio brato) the overall vibe of the space is laid-back & unpretentious.

pretty parlour on capitol hill is the best vintage store in seattle. period. and no, don’t think i say this because there is a cat to greet you at the front door…

the men & women’s vintage clothing are beautifully merchandized, well-priced, & perfectly picked to the thrifter’s delight.

a must see in atlanta…

kudzu antique market in decatur is a destination you don’t want to miss if you visit atlanta…
the selection of home goods, clothing, accessories, & everything in between is always unique & in perfect condition. the merchandise is set up in little vignettes throughout the warehouse, which is a really enjoyable way to peruse the array of interesting items.
for some reason i found the room filled with salt & pepper shakers to be oddly inspirational—i must’ve spent a good half hour exploring all the many kinds of shakers one could have…