want your man to be dashing?

20131023-103446.jpg haberdash. south loop. the best men’s clothing store in chicago. not only are the fashions divine but the merchandising is so brilliant it creates an ambiance that makes you want to curl up in an oversized burgundy leather armchair to read a thick musty book while puffing on a calabash pipe.

20131023-103505.jpgafter you’ve helped your man find the proper attire, let him treat you by taking a stroll up state street to the gold coast where you can dine on homemade pastas made with ingredients flown all the way from bologna at merlo on maple– if you close your eyes you’ll believe you’re in italy…i promise.

a paradise for rich japanese: omotesando

Omotesando: the Champs-Elysees of Tokyo
ahhh, the highlight of my day…celine!! it was so amazing to actually touch the phoebe philo’s beautiful pieces i’ve been salivating over…

when shopping in omotesando, make sure to get off the main street (i don’t know about you, but i’m a bit over LV handbags & jimmy choos)—all the gems are hidden on the side streets of omotesando ave. this boutique is definitely one of them! and right next door is an opening ceremony!

highlights of harajuku…

when i’m in tokyo, i personally like to shop in shimokitazawa, omotesando, or shibuya…but harajuku will always be the best place for people-watching! (& its right next to yoyogi park, which–especially on a sunday–is a ‘must do’)


great boutique on the main drag

fabulous men’s store! husband’s fave…
this store is great for souvenirs & gifts–best stickers on the planet, & soooo japanese!