a vintage store in philly you can’t miss…

scout salvage & vintage rescue is another gem on north 3rd street–my favorite area to shop in philly. this may even be my favorite vintage store on the whole east coast. the store is so well-merchandised that one could spend hours inspecting all the unique vintage finds, & local goods. the quality of the merchandise is impressive, but once you meet the gregarious employees, its no surprise that they want to pick only the best items for their customers.

one of my favorite finds was this sweatshirt made by a local philly designer, josh from hecho en philadelphia. who wouldn’t love the encouragement of billy murray across their chest?

my favorite boutique in philly…

whenever i’m in philly, vagabond is my first stop. their style is simple, elegant, & organic. when you walk in you’re instantly aware of their uber-coolness. the store kind of makes me want to redecorate my home, if not my life. they carry labels such as stellapop, which is a local philly designer, delphine, just female, level 99 jeans, & shoes by sven & dieppa restrepo (a personal favorite of mine).

my favorite sacramento boutique…

this shop makes me so happy. led zeppelin quietly beckons in the background as you peruse highly favorable, carefully–merchandised men & women’s clothes & accessories. no more said. if you’re in sacramento…go. here’s what i found at shop cuffs this time:

brazillian leather!!! perfect condition!! only $14!! avid thrifters know that california has the best vintage/thrift stores in the entire u.s of america, & shop cuffs is definitely one of them.

deux petits bijoux in mouffetard…

seventy seven vintage & le 77 are adjacent to one another on the rue de cardinal lemoine in the hip area of mouffetard. both are a must-stop!!
while paris is known for its amazing thrift stores because of the high-end labels that dwell within, i think seventy seven sells them at the best prices. i salivated over a burgundy balenciaga leather jacket—perfect condition—for only 1,000€! they also sell a lot of original artworks, which are used to adorn the tiny shop.
right next door is, le 77, a quaint boutique with both men’s & women’s clothing. they have shoes as well, & a small vintage room in the back. the clothing is simple, streamlined, & stunningly beautiful.

best jewelry in brooklyn…

some may say they invented ‘ring stacking’–& i believe they have. why? because when you enter this boutique, cat-lover or not, you will understand that their artistically displayed accessories will bring out your inner artist–thus, you will create the most elaborate & creative collaborations of gold or silver to adorn your appendages.

here come the holidays…

the franklin flea market in philly is the perfect place to do your holiday shopping…

not only does it have marvelous vintage finds, but many vendors are local artisans selling their art, jewelry & other handmade goodies…

IMG_0436.JPG IMG_0438.JPG

one of my favorite booths is hoof & antler. they’re an online vintage boutique based in philly of arguably the best vintage clothing & decor you’ll find on the east coast. while they don’t have a store front (yet), they have a faithful booth at franklin flea. also, ronnie, one of the owners, is an absolute joy to talk to! (& bargain with)

the franklin flea vintage holiday market is way more fun than fist-fighting frantic shoppers at a mobbed mall…& some vendors allow you to bargain!

seattle shops…

it was such a pleasure to meet keith & his pet pup ginger, the owner(s) of bon voyage. this hip thrift store in pioneer square was replete with exiting finds at proper prices. kurt cobain would’ve been elated by the economical grunge…

baby & company on the corner of 1st & virginia downtown seattle stands out like a sore thumb–a very stylish & sharp sore thumb, i might add. this clothing store has to be the best boutique in the area. the buyers, jill & wayne donnelly, are definitely on point, & even though the clothing, shoes, & accessories are quite upscale (some designers include verba, pence, & giorgio brato) the overall vibe of the space is laid-back & unpretentious.

pretty parlour on capitol hill is the best vintage store in seattle. period. and no, don’t think i say this because there is a cat to greet you at the front door…

the men & women’s vintage clothing are beautifully merchandized, well-priced, & perfectly picked to the thrifter’s delight.