product review: josie maran argan cleansing treatment

product: josie maran argan cleansing treatment $48
uses: massage into dry skin to remove make-up & other impurities. dampen the musilin side of the towelet to exfoliate the skin, then flip the cloth over to use the microfiber side to remove the product & remaining make-up. no need for another rinse, just pat skin dry (with a different towel). used to detoxify, hydrate, & exfoliate skin.
verdict: i am a huge josie maran advocate. this is why i was so disappointed when i wasn’t pleased with this product. lets start with the cleansing cloth. it gets gross. fast. especially if you wear mascara. after two days a ‘rinse’ just won’t cut it to get it clean. i didn’t feel that the muslin side was exfoliating my skin, either. it just felt like i was rubbing a towel on my skin…which i guess i was. the product itself feels good, smells nice, but doesn’t exactly take off make-up. i found myself reaching for my eye-make-up remover to finish the job. it definitely hydrates the skin, but i don’t feel like my skin is fully clean afterward. perhaps if this product was used with one of those fancy face-washing brushes, it would do a better job. however, i will not be purchasing this product again to test that theory. i’ll stick with her argan cleansing oil instead. 3 out of 5

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