product review: dr. brandt cc glow

product: dr. brandt cc glow with signature ruby crystal (light to medium) $39
uses: apply this lightweight color correcting cream to brighten, hydrate, & even out skin tone.
verdict: i prefer to use multi-tasking products. the less i have to buy & apply, the better. this product is supposed to have everything i need. it promises to prime, provide light coverage, supply vitamin c, anti-age, & illuminate. i had purchased this because i received a sample from sephora & i was impressed with how my skin glowed. well, the sample was a fluke. the product comes out of the tube very watery & shaking before application doesn’t solve the matter. also, i found myself using a lot of product to get that ‘light coverage’. no matter how much product i used though, i was still not glowing. another fault with this product is that it only comes in two shades: light to medium, & ‘natural’ (the natural looks pretty orange to me). there is no option for any women of color. shame on them! 2 out of 5 stars

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