product review: diorshow blackout waterproof mascara


product: diorshow blackout waterproof mascara $25
uses: this mascara promises to give what any woman would want: thick, long, & shiny black lashes.
verdict: the black is black. its like a shiny black lacquer coating that forms over your lashes. only one coat is necessary, and when it dries…the result is pretty fantastic. diorshow blackout is the original diorshow (my favorite mascara) on steroids. there are some cons, however: the application can be a bit clumpy sometimes–thankfully the skinny brush has well-spaced bristles to help you work out the kinks. it takes longer to apply than other mascaras because of this. also it may claim to be waterproof, but i noticed some smudging underneath my eyes throughout the day–however this only happened if i put face oil on my face. if i used a day cream instead, there wasn’t a smear to be found. because of the clumping & smudging this mascara unfortunately cannot be perfect. 4 out of 5 stars
beauty tip: always use an eyelash primer before mascara. here is why:some brands protect & nourish your lashes, while other brands elongate your lash for the mascara. primers also help mascara apply easier, & help your mascara stay in place throughout the day. i’m currently in the search for the perfect one, but my fave for now is diorshow maximizer.

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