product review: clarins beauty flash balm

product: clarins beauty flash balm has always been the favorite among celebrities, beauty magazines, the french, & basically every woman who cares about her skin. the product claims to eliminate signs of fatigue in a flash, reduce the sign of wrinkles, & give your skin a glow $30.
uses: massage into skin in the morning & immediately follow with face make-up, or use generously on face as a mask to wear to bed.
verdict: why all the hype? i honestly do not know. i did not notice any difference with my skin. good texture & fragrance tho…2 out of 5
beauty tip: you are what you eat. seriously!! your skin is a reflection of the nutrients you supply it with. the healthier your diet, the more your skin will glow…vitamins E, C, & K, omega 3-s, coconut oil & argan oil are the stars that makes your skin shine…

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