product review: lilash

product: lilash eyelash growth serum $139.97 (6 month supply), $79.99 (3 month supply)–but you can find it cheaper on sites such as cleopatra’s choice
uses: apply a thin layer to top lashes every night until desired eyelash length is reached. then use as needed.
verdict: this product works. like i’ve mentioned before, i am cursed with short & sparse eyelashes. i cannot afford latisse (about $120 per month), so i’ve always looked for alternatives. i hadn’t found one that’s worked (don’t try talika lipocils, or smartlash), until now. after 2 weeks my eyelashes were noticeably longer & thicker to the point where the product does not need to be used every night. i now use it maybe 3 or 4 nights a week. drawbacks: if you accidentally use too much product your eyelids near the lash line get red & sore. also, lashes do tend to fall out more frequently than normal (to be honest you won’t even notice them missing), but just be more careful when removing make-up. 4 1/2 out of 5
beauty tip: i use this on my eyebrows too! & my eyebrows are noticeably thicker! since you use such a small amount of product, a full-size tube lasts a long time… so why do you need to buy another separate tube for eyebrows?

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